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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon has this thing called a Dash Button for their prime members. You can get it basically free.... 4.99 to order it but then you get a refund the first time you use if back onto your account. So.. technically free!

What is this dash button. From what I can gather it is a button that you push when you are about to run out of one of your products that you use quite often in your home... toilet paper, laundry detergent, trash bags, water, dog food etc. This will automatically submit an order on Amazon for the item and they will ship it to you. 

You will pair the button with a product of your choice which you will select during the set up process. 

Well that makes things easy right!

This is a very simple process... order the button, hang the button where you need it, press the button when you need the product. 

Worried about the button getting pressed too many times? Don't fret! Amazon will block all but the first order made with the button. Press it 20 times in a row you are only going to get one order!  You also get a order confirmation for each order placed that can be cancelled until it ships. 

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